Miss B Empowerment Shoot

Anyone that has known me for longer than a day knows that I am a coffee addict. I have to have it, or I won’t make it through my day. I’m pretty sure the coffee bean is my birthstone…. but I digress. When we moved to the west coast I had to switch back to Starbucks for a while which to be honest is not my favorite. I gave a few different local shops a try but I just wasn’t finding what I was after. Finally I did find that perfect little coffee shop that made the most delicious mochas! I was in Heaven! Then Miss B happened.


Talk about that awkward moment when your barista leans out the window and your blown away by their gorgeousness. Between her fluorescent blue hair (at the time), tattoos and saucy attitude, I knew I needed to get her in front of my lens. I passed of my card to her trying not to come off as a creeper while I told her I wanted to take pictures of her, and she was all for it! We did our first shoot together a little over a year ago and we had a blast! We continued to talk and stayed in touch as friends. At the beginning of this year she mentioned that her long time flame had finally been snuffed out, and I knew exactly what to do to cheer her up. I think its safe to say, his loss!

April & Trever

I had the luck of meeting this wonderful couple from a model call I held. At the time I was just looking for some couples to work with to test out some new techniques from a recent training I had attended, I was actually unaware they were engaged and looking for a wedding photographer! The day after our shoot I received a text message from April oozing about how much fun I was and how amazing my pictures were. She wanted to meet to discuss the possibility of me shooting their big day!

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Hunter & Brittany

The week before Hunter and Brittany’s wedding was full of rainy days and wind. I thought to myself “Well we do live in Washington, but I know we could still rock this with clear umbrellas!” I messaged Brittany about it and we were on the same page, our plan was good to go! Well, not only did the rain stop, but we were given the most gorgeous skies and mild temperatures.................

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